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Students video chat with Tunisian students

It was an early-morning start to school last Friday for journalism students, with staff members arriving at school at 7:15 to set up for a video conference on the other side of the world. The group is taking part in a program called Global Nomads, which partners schools across the world from one another to encourage students to learn more about cultures and countries besides their own. This year, the staff is paired with students from Tabarka, Tunisia.  

“At first I didn’t know how I’d feel that morning because I didn’t really want to wake up early,” senior Kaiden Leop said. “But when we all arrived to the library, I was very excited to begin.”

This is the fourth year for the journalism staff to take part in the program, which will include a total of four video conferences.

“This is my third year involved in global nomads, and I enjoy it so much every year,” junior Kayleigh Rhodes said. “It is a way for our school to interact and learn about other schools and places.”

Sophomore Colby Menefee began the chat by giving the Tabarka students an introduction of Buffalo.

“I was excited to start the video chat off,” Menefee said. “I introduced our school then told them an interesting fact.”

There were an exchange of questions and replies from both schools. Some of the questions that the Tabarka students asked regarding to politics, school, culture, and more.

“One of the questions that they asked us was if there was any school controversy in America,” junior Josalyn Taylor said. “We told them how due to recent school shooting, many schools are arguing whether to give the teachers the right to have a gun.”

Some of the questions asked by Buffalo students were about what school programs they offered, holidays they celebrate, and their culture.

“We asked one specific question to see if they celebrate any special birthday holidays,” senior Nadia Garcia said. “We explained that in America, people celebrate quinceaneras, which are very important to many spanish cultures.”

Both groups ended the chat by giving final displays; Tabarka went first with one student showcasing her singing talent.

“She sang Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, which is one of my favorite songs,” Junior Josalyn Taylor said. “She sang it so unique and it was just cool to see the common interest between us two.”

Buffalo gave the last display of showcasing a variety of popular food in America.

“We brought in a variety of chips and sweets to show the Tabarka students,” junior Andrea Garcia said. “We also showed them many popular Mexican treats that are very popular in America.”