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Student Spotlight: Jayci Hightower

The adrenaline is pulsing through her body.

As she focused on her target, she dove to the ground and threw the softball at home plate.

Since arriving her junior year, senior Jayci Hightower has been involved in volleyball, softball, advanced classes and breeds and takes care of dogs.

“I have always really only focused on sports,” Hightower said. “But after softball is over this year, I am excited to go to college and start my life.”

After high school, she plans on attending Northeast Texas Community College to finish her basics and then choose her major.

“Even though I don’t really know what I want to major in, I know I want to go to college,” she said. “Even though I have always focused on sports, school has always been important to me.”

Hightower has participated in volleyball and softball. However, at her old school, she participated in varsity cheer.

“It has been so fun having Jayci on the same team,” senior Taylor Lack said. “Her passion and motivation to get better have really pushed us to do better. I am sad this will be our last year playing softball together.”

In addition to playing high school softball, Hightower has also participated in select-team softball.

“Select-team is so different from regular softball,” she said. “During the summer, it takes up so much of my time. It’s crazy.”

Although she spends most of her time focused on sports, Hightower continues to find time for her hobbies which include painting and taking care of 20 dogs.

“I always try to find some time for myself,” Hightower said. “I mainly paint when I’m bored, but I love taking care of my dogs. Even though they are a lot of work, I wouldn’t trade them for anything.”