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Student Spotlight: Logan Watson

With the pressure of the game on his back, sweat dripping down his forehead, and crowds cheering in the background, he zones in on the other team’s player as they make their for the ball and he tackles them to the ground.

Junior Logan Watson participates in many sports. This year he played football and he will be participating in track and baseball.

“I have played football since seventh grade. I played little league baseball and hope to get back into it,” Watson said. “I did track for a couple years in the past, but I plan on getting back into it.”

While other students are focusing on colleges and applications, Watson is focusing on going into the Marines.

“Ever since I was in elementary I loved the idea of serving my country,” Watson said. “I was patriotic from the get go, and I still have a strong desire to protect and defend the US and help make a difference in other people’s lives in other countries, even if it means putting my life on the line.”

Watson had a major influence in choosing his future.

“My grandfather served in Vietnam, and he is a major influence,” Watson said,. “He served in the air force, and from what I know operated the with MACV-SOG.”

Even though Watson is set on the marines he has also made other plans for his future.

“Well I have always wanted to own some sort of business, but at the same time I have always wanted to pursue a career possibly in SWAT or something else equivalent in law enforcement,” Watson said. “I feel like the job that I will be going into when I join the Marines will transfer over to the civilian world with me if I pursue a career in that field.”

Watson recently turned 17 to he will be able to meet with a recruiter soon.

“When the present meets the future,” ag teacher Henry Goff said. “He will be unstoppable.”