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Trilogy full of twists and turns

Paul Pilkington wrote a trilogy of Emma Holden: The One You Love, The One You Fear, and The One You Trust.  The trilogy is full of mystery and suspense.

 Emma Holden nightmare begins in The One You Love. Her fiance disappears leaving his brother dead in his apartment. Someone is stalking Emma, they are watching her every move. Emma’s family is hiding a dark secret from her and she is racing against time to find her fiance alive. The One You Love is a fast-paced suspense mystery, full of twist, turns and cliffhangers and it has been a chart-topper.

Emma is trying to recover from horrific events that happened to her fiance in the second book, The One You Fear. A shocking revelation brings Emma back to the nightmare and forces her to question what she believed to be true. More secrets will be revealed, more lies will be told, and more lives will be threatened.

Perfect is what Emma thought her marriage was, but she realizes she has one last mystery to solve. She has to figure out if her husband has been hiding something from her.The One You Trust is the final book of the trilogy.

This trilogy is really good for someone who likes twist and turns, cliffhangers, mystery, and suspense.The author gets the reader thinking the mystery will be solved and then throws a curve-ball sending the story a whole other direction.