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The 100 sets futuristic life into motion

The 100 is a series that was released less than two years ago. It envisions what the future could perhaps be if certain things were to occur in the world. It is a great mix of heart, adventure and tragedy. It shows a possibility of what could happen in the near future, especially with new developments and technological advancements.

When a nuclear bomb destroys civilization on Earth, 12 international space station’s launch into space in an order to preserve human life. 30 years later, supplies on the stations seem to be lacking and officials have to find a new way to survive. President Wallace (Raymond J. Berry), comes up with the idea to send 100 teenage prisoners to the ground to see if it is livable.  

I would recommend The 100 to anyone who loves adventure mixed with hardships and challenges. The characters are portrayed very well with the actors that are chosen.