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Softball starts season

It’s time to eat sunflower seeds, sing chants from the dugout and hit home runs. Softball season is beginning and will soon be in full swing.

“I am excited because I have been waiting for softball season,” junior Kenzie Barnes said. “Softball is my sport and I am looking forward to a great season.”

The first practice was on January 22, with sixteen non-basketball members and six basketball members interested.

“I was amazed on how many girls we had interested,” Coach Erin Stone said. “I think that’s the biggest number of girls we’ve had.”

The girls started their practice with a light day. They ran through drills and talked about what would be needed for the season. Schedules were passed out and the way practices would run was explained.

“We didn’t do much that day,” sophomore Sonia Martinez said. “The coaches introduced themselves for the ones that were new and talked about how things are going to go during practice.”

There were five members that were completely new to softball. The newbies joined because they needed more girls to form a team.

“I am completely new to the sport,” junior Yomele Almeida said. “I joined because I heard they needed members and my friends wanted me to play also.”

Basketball players will join softball after their season ends due to UIL rules.

“I’m in basketball right now,” junior Melanie McGill said. “But I am ready for softball.”

The coaches and players are looking for a great season.

“I’m ready for this season,” Coach Gary Grubbs said. “With hard work and determination, I think we can win more games than we did last year.”