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Basketball team honors seniors

It’s the last home game and the announcer starts to call out names one by one. Three boys walk out, each with his mom by their side; as the time has come to say goodbye to playing for the high school basketball.

Before the Bison’s last home game of the season, they held their annual senior night, recognizing the senior players as well as their parents.

“It is always sad to think of your last high school basketball game when you are younger,” senior Ryan Rath said. “For me, the time to say goodbye has come.”

Seniors Ryan Rath, Caleb Ayers, and Dawson Adams will be leaving the Bison Basketball team.

“I am really going to miss them; next year won’t be the same without them,” Coach Orr said. “We made a lot of memories throughout the season.”

During senior night, a lot of memories from the season were announced by Coach Skelton. During Coach Skelton’s talk, a lot of laughs and chuckles were heard from fans as well as players and coaches because the memories came to mind.

“We had a great season with many memorable moments,” senior Dawson Adams said. “We all started laughing when Coach Skelton shared some of those funny moments out loud.”

Many fans attended to show their love and support on such a special night for the boys, parents, and coaches.

“As my name got called out and I started walking out I turn, and to my surprise, there were many fans out there,” senior Caleb Ayres said. “Seeing all those fans out there made me want to leave it all on the court one the last time and make this game one I’ll never forget.

The game itself wasn’t much of a challenge. The Leon Cougars put up a fight, but the boys defeated them.

“It was a good game,” manager Daniel Rodriguez said. “The boys won with such ease.”