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I’m saying yes to the dress

“I’m saying yes to the dress.”

The new season, season 15, of Say Yes to the Dress premieres this 2017. The hit TLC television show focuses on women from all over the world who come to the popular dress shop in NYC known as Kleinfeld Bridal.  The women spend hours and even days in search of the wedding dress of their dreams.

The new season premiere is a must- see due to the everlasting drama and passion of the show. Some say that episodes may seem repetitive, because the women are each trying to find a dress. However, every episode will keep you well interested due to the often clashing opinions and views on certain dresses between the family and the bride. Each bride has a different story; each bride is able to tell their passionate story of being proposed to. In the upcoming season, viewers will be pleased to see a whole new arrangement of dresses, engagement stories, and crazy clashing opinions.