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Book Review: Out of Sight Out of Mind

Having a special gift is in many kids but not in a special way where you can take over someone else body. The book series Gifted has some kids like that. In the first book called Out of Sight, Out of Mind has the very first gifted student from the books named Amanda Beeson.

The story background is star actor Amanda accidentally “slipping inside” of actor Tracey Devon, believing she won’t get out. She also finds out that she is not the only one who has a “gift” so she then becomes close with the other kids that have a gift.

Marilyn Kaye is the author of the book has the characters Amanda Beeson and Tracey Devon being the main characters with the problem. Every chapter has a new theme to it either involving both or one of them.They will make you imagine everything they go through or do.

The characters can change the emotions through actions or sayings. The different setting changes or the way Kaye suddenly makes us imagine what it’s like to be in their positions.Their special gifts  

Overall, the book series is a good series. It is one of those books that make you want to crave more or learn more about the next gifted teen. Definitely, recommend anyone to read it even if you don’t think you are into these kinds of things it will definitely yank you in.