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Student Spotlight: Maria Dominguez

The Dominguez siblings are like day and night. Brother Ernesto is loud, rambunctious, and rowdy. Freshman Maria Dominguez is quiet and shy, but don’t be fooled; she also glows with cheerfulness when you get to meet her.

Maria spends her Friday nights doing what she’s proud of- performing with the Bison Brigade. She prepares by learning the new sets and music throughout the week, and she gets ready to perform on Friday. Maria has been in band for two years.

“She is really good at playing the trumpet,” freshman Selina Zacarias said. “She always goes out to the field on Friday and gives it her best.”

Dominguez likes high school and for her nothing much has changed from junior high. Maria is taking the first year of high school easy and is going to get involved next year. She is getting to know this campus and adapting to the high school. Dominguez plans to join the Spanish Club and FCCLA in the future.

“I’m adjusting to high school before joining any extracurricular activities,” Dominguez said. “But I’m planning to join clubs next year.”

After four years of high school, Maria plans to attend A&M and play college band. Maria plans to be a cosmetologist and extend her career in that department. She is also interested in being an instructor and teach kids what she is passionate about: music.

“I think she will succeed in whatever she wants to do,” freshman Ivelissa Gonzalez said. “The key to her being successful is because of her personality because she always bubbly, fun, and loving person to be around.”