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“The Edge of Seventeen” keeps you on the edge of your seat

The Edge of Seventeen is a story in which a seventeen-year-old year doesn’t like her appearance or personality and goes through hard times, which push this hatred of herself farther. Nadine Franklin has issues within herself which cause herself confidence to plumet.

The movie follows Nadine through her life, showing issues which started her low self esteem, including her belief that her mother admires her well-put-together older brother. Unlike other young girls, Nadine does not admire her older brother. Instead she has a small hatred towards him because she believes he has so much going for him and she has nothing.

The film stars Hailee Steinfeld as Nadine and Blake Jenner as her brother Darian. In the movie, her brother and best friend Krista start a relationship, which causes Nadine to feel as though she is losing her best friend. She pushes it aside until the two invite her to a party; while there Krista leaves her to go off with a group of girls. This then furthers Nadine’s assumptions that she will lose her best friend.

The cast is very good at acting in the movie. They show good emotion and make it feel as though the viewer  in the situation. The movie has comedy moments as well as moments which make the viewer  cry along with the cast. It shows relationships between families and friends which others can relate to.