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Student Spotlight: Taleah Baldwin

Sticking to one thing for longer than necessary has never been freshman Taleah Baldwin’s style. From the junior high to high school, Baldwin has been running from one thing to another.

“I like to experiment,” Baldwin said. “If it draws my attention, I’ll join.”

After living in Palestine for half a year, Baldwin moved here. Now she’s living life as a high schooler and is enjoying her time making new friends.

“She is really nice,” friend Nicole Rice said. “She was also really shy, but we got her out of her shell.”

Before living in Palestine, she lived in Teague, and there she joined Teague’s band. She decided to be a part of the woodwind family, and chose the flute. She was only a member for a year and a half before she decided it was time to leave and start something new.

“It was really simple to learn how to play,” Baldwin said. “It would be fun to play in the band again, maybe next year.”

As a seventh grader, in her art class they did many projects. Out of all those projects, her favorite was the Portfolio. They had to place various pictures on two pieces of construction paper. She was in art for half a year before she moved.

“Art is one of my favorite subjects,” Baldwin said. “It was really fun.”

Now she’s doing PHS so she can join FCCLA . She decided to join this class because it helps prepare her future.

“She’s really quite and pays attention,” classmate Kayla Saenz said. “She’s always turning in her work on time.”

After four more years of tasting what high school has to offer, Baldwin hopes to go to college and become an interior designer. She loves to move rooms around and redesign them as a hobby.

“It’s fun for me,” Baldwin said. “I love to choose designs and arrange them together.”