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Student Spotlight: Samuel Lay

Touchdown! Freshman Samuel Lay is familiar with this word as well as other football terms since he plays lineman position. Lay has played football since seventh grade. There have been times when he’s been sidelined, but he is always supportive of his team.

“He has really good sportsmanship and is always working for improvement,” freshman Benito Avila said. “He has really improved over the years.”

FFA, FCCLA, and powerlifting are just some of the many activities Lay participates in. His favorite activity is FFA because he likes working with animals, meeting new people and going to competitions.

“I’m involved in many different teams,” Lay said. “PRINA is my favorite class because Mrs. Hall is so nice and funny.”

Lay said he was nervous at first by being in high school, but he seems to be getting around. It was a hard transition from junior high to high school; however, according to Lay, he likes it better here because of the many different classes high school offers.

“I’m involved in many things this year because I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and try new things,” Lay said. “Last year I wasn’t in many activities, but this year I wanted to be out there and involved with people.”

Lay is known to be very respectful; he’s always helping his family around the house and everywhere they need him. According to Lay’s friends, they really enjoy having him as a buddy.

“When I need to tell someone something I go to him and he listens,” classmate Damien Thomas said. “He is not a person known to spread everybody’s business and he keeps my secrets.”