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Christmas Decorations take over the building

As people walk down the hallways they can take a stroll through Who-ville, see decorated Christmas trees and even wrapped-up Christmas presents.

The whole school is in the Christmas spirit with a big Christmas tree in the entryway, a whole hallway dedicated to the theme of Who-ville, nearly every door decorated with wrapping paper or other festive items and many other Christmas trees in classrooms and the library.

“I got to work with Kaiden on the grinch for the Who-ville themed hallway,” senior Sean Haycock said. “It took us about four days to complete and was really fun getting to watch it all be slowly put together.”

Each at class got a door in the Who-ville hallway to decorate.

“Our class got to decorate Mrs. Harter’s door,” Haycock said. “I was chosen to be the leader of the class by the rest of the students in our class. I had to put out ideas for what we would do. Finally we figured it out and we got to work immediately. It was really fun getting to work along with everyone.”

English teacher Anna Bailey has a small tree up in her classroom.

“Christmas is my favorite holiday; there is always so much happiness and joy,” Bailey said. “I have put up a little tree every year in my classroom with the help of my students. I like being able to let them contribute if they have finished all of their work because its a fun thing to do I think.”

Bailey said there is more to Christmas than receiving.

“There are multiple reasons as to why Christmas is my favorite holiday,” Bailey said. “I think the biggest reason is that I get to give gifts to others. I would much rather give a gift and watch someone’s face light up than to get a gift.”

Food science teacher Melissa Isaacs said that she loves baking Christmas goodies.

“I love baking around Christmas time,” Isaacs said. “I love all of the joy and happiness that comes when I make cookies with my food science classes, but eating the cookies is a bonus too. I love Christmas time so I try to incorporate it into a lot of my cooking lessons.”

Isaacs has a miniature tree up in her classroom.

“I set up a little Christmas tree in my classroom and I set one up every year,” Isaacs said. “It may be a small tree, but it still lights up the classroom just a little more everyday. I really love how almost every teacher and student is in the Christmas spirit and the whole school is decorated beautifully because of it.”