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Student spotlight: Sarah Slay

Sarah Slay takes a seat in her favorite class, art with teacher Amanda Harter, for another day of drawing and creativity.

She’s always loved art and has mainly been attracted to drawing people, wolves, flowers and a unique type of tattoo art referred to as Henna. This specific type of tattoo art only lasts a few weeks and can be done on any body part.

“I started art because it has different abilities and points of view plus you can draw anything you put your mind to,” Slay said “it just helps me be more creative during the day.”

Slay has a small area of her future life, outside of school, planned out. Slay has decided on pursuing work that has to do with her love for underwater creatures

“All underwater animals fascinate me,” She informed “the main animal that got me interested was the dolphin”

Whereas being a Marine Biologist is her main plan, she also has a few side plans such as learning computer software, gaming, even singing and songwriting. She’s also lucky enough to have support from her best friend, Maria Dominguez, with all her plans.

“I think Sarah will be able to do everything because she’s smart and if she puts her mind to it I know she can do it,” says Maria.