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Students receive class rings

After months of anxiously waiting, both juniors and a few seniors finally received their class rings last Tuesday.

“When I got my ring I felt very happy and relieved that it finally came in,” senior Melanie Slay said. “I am actually very happy with how it turned out, because it met every expectation I had for it. My favorite thing about my ring is that it has the word ‘Slay’ straight across the stone.”

While many of the students received their rings Tuesday, others weren’t so lucky. Some students couldn’t get their rings because they didn’t completely pay for them, while others had issues with the ring itself.

“I was really excited to get my ring, but I ended up sending it back with them, because they messed up something,” junior Mykayla Dennix said. “I was very disappointed because I have waited for so long and now I’m going to have to wait even longer.”

However, those who actually got to take their ring home were very pleased with their rings.

“I was extremely excited when the rings came in,” junior Yomele Almeida said. “On my ring, I got a rose, the Mexican flag, my name, class year and for the stone, I got my birthstone. I’m very happy with how it turned out. My favorite thing about my ring is the Mexican flag because it looks so pretty.”