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Student Spotlight: Aniah Anderson

Lights, camera, action! Aniah Anderson transferred from one of Buffalo’s main competitors Teague High School and is in the junior class.  At Teague, she participated in the performance theatre department as she does in Buffalo now.

“There are so many students in Teague, it’s hard to find friends,” Anderson said. “I enjoy Buffalo because everyone is overall so much more warm and welcoming.”

Theatre isn’t the only form of art Anderson enjoys; she also does contemporary ballet and plays the piano. Anderson has been playing the piano ever since she was just six years old. She hopes to pursue some sort of career in the arts.

“It’s more of a self taught thing,” Anderson said. “I really love it.”

Although she doesn’t do any school related activities, Aniah has lots of hobbies. She loves painting and dancing in her free time and practices whenever she can.

“I taught myself how to dance since I never have anything to do,” Anderson said. “I love learning and practicing new techniques that I find on YouTube. It helps me keep busy.”