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Bison advance to round 2 of the playoffs

The Buffalo Bison faced the Mildred Eagles in the first round of playoffs in Athens. The Bison were expected to win the game.

“Going into the game we knew that we had a chance,” senior Blayne Stauffer said. “However, we still had to remain level headed and not get too arrogant.”

Junior Colton Green swerved through players into the Bison endzone for the first touchdown of the game. The Bison lead the Eagles in the first quarter.

“We started off really good right away,” junior Luis Porras said. “We had touchdowns from Colton and Hector in the first quarter.”

The Bison went off the field feeling confident about the game. The players said that they did good the first half and expected to come back and do some work.

“Going into the locker room during half time, I felt good about the game,” Porras said. “However, I tried to not let it get in the way because we still had a whole other half to play and anything could happen.”

The Bison did not do as well during the third quarter. They made several mistakes and let the eagles score a couple of touchdowns.

“We have been falling during third quarter for the past two games,” Stauffer said. “We get down on ourselves when the other teams start doing good, but luckily we’ve picked ourselves back up and played better.”

Fourth quarter was full of excitement because the Bison shook off the third quarter and won the game. All of the players ran towards the middle of the field to receive their Bi-district championship game.

“I was filled with adrenaline as we lifted the trophy,” Porras said. “I was so excited for the results of the game and that we would advance to the second round.”

While the team had hopes of beating West Rusk at the area game to get farther in the playoffs than any team in Buffalo history, they were unable to do so, ending their season the day after Thanksgiving.