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Students write cards of thanks

“Lots of Thanks” was the name of the project teacher Mikaela Hall gave her students the day before school was let out. Each student was instructed to write at least two notes to staff members thanking them for their hard work and dedication.

“I wanted to make my note a little bit more special than the rest,” Taylor Sworthought said. “I drew the best I could and make a colorful thank you card for Miss Isaacs.”

Teachers were touched by the cards they received and thought it was an excellent way to wrap up school before the Thanksgiving break.

“I felt so cared for with the number of cards I had,” Isaacs said. “It made me feel even happier about my decision on teaching here.”

Although only students that had Hall had the assignment, others thought it was a nice gesture and joined the action.

“I’m not in Mrs.Halls class so I didn’t have to make any letters, but my friends were doing it, so I did,” junior Jose Sanchez said. “It felt like I did a good thing, too.”

Writing the notes made students realize how much work is done around campus for them.

“I loved thanking some of my teachers,” Sanchez said. “I just wish we did this sort of thing more often.”