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A “Bellyache” that’ll get everyone dancing

Artist Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell, professionally known as Billie Eilish, is signed to Interscope Records. Eilish is 15 years old and was raised in Los Angeles in a family of actors and musicians. She perfected her vocal abilities at the age of eight when she joined the Los Angeles Children’s Chorus.

She has songs such her hit Bellyache which caught the attention of listeners. The song tells a story from the point of view of a conflicted serial killer. Both the video and song are quite a confusing story to follow, however the lyrics are very catchy. Eilish is compared to Lorde with the way she sings as well as the songs she creates.

The hit includes lyrics such as “My friends aren’t far/ In the back of my car/ Lay their bodies” which may seem like strange lyrics for a 15 year old. Eilish understands this however; she’s not bothered by it nor the reaction reviewers give her. She knows the songs will get her more sideway glances than Top 40 airplays; she however is unbothered by that thought.

The song is strange to most who listen to it; I on the other hand quite enjoy the song. Although it is a bit confusing if the lyrics are not comprehended correctly. The song seemed to stick in my head even when I wasn’t thinking of the artist. It’s got a pop sound to it which seems to make me feel happy and upbeat.