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Student Spotlight: Kyle Hurst

It’s show time. Kyle Hurst is getting involved in the high school theatre department and is ready to perform in future plays. He is pushing himself out of his comfort zone and working hard to get into OAP next year. His hobbies consist of reading whatever interests him, interacting with his family, and doing school work.

Hurst used to be involved in karate for three years but had to end it. On the other hand, he shifts to theater because he enjoys talking and meeting new people and it is very rewarding to him. He wants to get into OAP because he has never been in a UIL event and wants to give it a shot. He likes theater more because it’s more social than all the other classes.

“He is coming out of his shell and he’s just being himself,” freshman Sydney Lebel said.“He’s funny and he gets along with everyone in theatre class.”

He likes high school and takes advantage of the choices they have to offer. He believes classes are more put together and there are more teachers in high school than there are in junior high. He’s enjoying being in a new campus and being a freshman has been easy so far. He has lived here for all of his life.  

“Kyle is a trustworthy and nice guy,” freshman Damien Thomas said. “He’s very honest and intelligent.”

He lives with his mom, dad, and only one younger brother. He struggles with being the big brother trying to set a good example to his little brother. Above all, he tries to be a good role model and brother in whatever way he can.  

The older brother responsibility falls on me,” Hurst said. ”I want to set a good example for him in any way I can.”