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“Shatter Me” will leave reader shattered

Trapped from all human contact and left in complete utter darkness. Seeing herself as a monster for being trapped a prisoner for a crime she did not mean to commit. Her own flesh and blood turned their backs and left her to die. Juliette is a teenaged girl who spends 98 percent of her day in a room will with darkness. Shatter Me  is a book that gives some mixed emotions, love horror and comedy all in one and written by Tahereh Mafi.

The reason she has been trapped prisoner was said to be because The Embellishment, it is a company that is now taking over the world. They have told the citizens they are in the process of making the world a better place. In reality that is far from what they have been doing. Juliette, which is the main character, freezes anything and anyone cold stone hard. The Embellishment is using her as a weapon of destruction with the cover of imprisoning a child murderer. In the book It has things she said to herself but as well crossed out as if its not what she meant. For example she would say something like “I’m a monster” but have the book would have the phrase crossed out and add “it was an accident”. Her family unclaimed her and no boy could ever come to love a monster like her, at least she thought.

This book is a great way to feel as if one is in the story itself. There is a lot of imagery in the book to the point one can almost smell the scents it talks about and taste the tings she tastes. Shatter Me is an exquisite reading causing many around the world to fall for Adam’s and Juliette’s romance. Adam was a guard for The Embellishment but the darkness of her room never let her see his face and The Embellishment used this to an advantage. Adam went undercover to act as if he was thrown into her room for having unique powers as well. All to see how Juliette reactions and get under all the madness and see if she is mentally stable to be their massive weapon. There will be many twists and an unbelievable truths will be shown in this first book that will cause hunger for more.