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Football scores a win as Lady Bison work their way through preseason games

Girls Basketball

The well-known LB4L season is coming back; the girls are already starting their practices during their athletic periods and are putting all effort into making it to state again. Most believe that once again they will make it very far in playoffs from all the work the are putting in.

“Making it to playoff was a great thing that happened last year” basketball player Yomele Almeida said. “We have a lot of work today now that we lost many great players.”

This year the coaches are making make new adjustments so the players are able exercise every muscle and reflex.

“There really is no telling how the basketball season will go this year,” Coach McKnight said. “The outcome will be visible once the girls get back into game mode.”


The thundering herd of the Buffalo Bison football teams took on the field against Anderson-Shiro with both great wins.

“We beat those guys real good Fiday night,” junior varsity player Adrian Saenz said. “We have been having a really good season so far”

Although the junior varsity boys had a good win, the varsity boys had the biggest win in the eyes of many.

“When I saw the score of the scoreboard I was shocked,” football recorder Jose Diaz said. “I go to every game since I’m the recorder but I have never felt so proud to be part of the Bison Nation.”