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Basketball practice starts

Last year’s basketball team fell short of a state championship ring by two points. The dream, however, has burned a fire in their hearts and the will to win holds strong. Each member holds the legacy, the dynasty, that the girls’ basketball program started.

Now, this year’s team is preparing for the battle that they will face during district and into the playoffs. The fight to return to state and finish what last year’s team started is what pushes these girls to work hard in practice, which started two weeks ago.

“I was kind of nervous about practice and the team because of how new everything is,” junior Melanie McGill said. “At the same time, I was just ready to play basketball.”

The basketball season last year ended on a sour note. The Lady Bison settled for second place after being defeated by Canadian by a two-point deficit. However, the new team is looking to avenge the unfair lose.

“The way we ended last year breaks my heart every time I think about it,” sophomore Mollie Dittmar said. “We will return to state, it may take a year or two, but we will go back.”

The Lady Bison will play their first game on November seventh against Frost. Until then, the team will be practicing and perfecting their game alongside their new coach J.J. Guidry.

“There are no seniors, so the juniors have to step up and take control,” junior A’sia Bradley said. “We also have to learn to be coached without coach [Jozette] Jenkins somewhere in the room.”