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13 Reasons Why raises questions

13 Reasons Why follows the suicide of Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) and the events that led up to it. 13 Reasons Why is one of the only TV shows that portrays real life situations, specifically for high school students. In the 13 tapes that Baker leaves, 12 people watch them and see what Baker actually went through during her senior year. Baker went through everything from sexual assault to depression. Everyone that listens to a tape is intertwined in Baker’s story somehow,  positively or negatively.

The angle of 13 Reasons Why is to prevent suicide and to give confidence to people scared to  speak up against sexual assault and bullying. The downfall of this series is that it could be quite triggering to people dealing with these issues and have a negative effect on them. The series doesn’t necessarily “glorify” suicide but does show suicide as the only option Baker had to deal with what she was going through, when in reality there were many different ways she could’ve handled it.

Instead of committing suicide, Baker could have gone to a counselor, talked to her parents or told her friends what was going on so they could alert a higher power. These were the only holes in the storyline. It would have been a better thought-out show if she would have found a way to resolve it. It has a very choice of actors and actresses. Overall 13 Reasons Why is a good series, just one to take with a grain of salt.