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Volleyball team finishes season

The volleyball team played Elkhart last week for a bid to the playoffs. It was an intense game with the Lady Bison taking the lead in the first set 25-19. However, they lost the next two sets 30-28 and 25-17. The season came to an end with some close matches.

“We fought hard throughout the game, but we just couldn’t pull through,” junior McKenzie Ryder said. “It was sad playing the last game with the seniors. We are definitely going to miss them next year.”

Although the season is over, some of the players said that they are keeping their heads up because they have other things to look forward to this year. Basketball is quickly approaching this week and some of the volleyball players said they are excited.

“I’m a little bummed out that the season is over because I had such fun season with my team,” junior Melanie McGill said.”However, I am looking forward to basketball season.”

Basketball season is approaching and the Lady Bison are preparing for it. Although they have not had a full practice, the players are going into the gym after school and shooting on their own.

“Samantha, Kayleigh and I have been at the gym shooting around most of the week,” McGill said. “We finished last year off very well and this year should be no different.”

This past week, senior Daniela Reyes and junior Jose Diaz competed in the XC Regional Meet in Huntsville. Both have prepared for this meet all season and ran the best they could.

“Both of them ran very hard,” junior Yomele Almeida said. “The team is extremely proud of them.”

Daniela was having muscle problems in her leg but she pulled through and ran the race. Jose on the other hand, did exceptionally well he placed 67th out of 193.

“Daniela is very strong; I could tell she was in pain bu she pulled through and finished,” junior Jose Sanchez said. “Jose ran very well and I am so proud of him.”

JV football
While the varsity team had a week off, the JV players faced Tyler Grace. After a hard fought game, they came short up short and lost the game.

“We started off really good, but as the game progressed we kept making mistakes,” freshman Bocho Villagomez said. “It was a tough loss but we will come back from it.”