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Heartwarming teenage love story coming to an end

The popular manga series, Say I Love You, is finally coming to an end. After seven years in the making of the series, the final volume will be released in December of 2017. The series revolves around a teenage girl and her first experience of love, relationship, and friendship as well as all the positive and negative things that come. At the beginning of the story, it explains the main character’s, Mei Tachibana’s, backstory. From bullying to betrayal, Mei isolates herself from friends and the world for 16 years. Until she kicks Yamato Kurosawa, a popular boy in her class. The story later follows their developing relationship.

The series itself is like a romantic comedy, but it is a lot more lovey-dovey than funny. Even with its funny moments, it’s still very heartwarming. The character development is very slow but very drastic Most of the character’s personality or views change throughout the story. The artwork is amazing as well and the illustrations are very detailed. The way the illustrator put so many details on a single page is amazing.

The book is available online and in stores. There’s is also a show based off the manga available on Crunchyroll and Hulu.