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Lady Bison beat Teague to tie for first in district

A tight game at home against the Teague Lions Friday night ended with a Lady Bison win, tying the team with Teague for first place in district play. While the two teams will share the district title, there are plans in the works for a warm-up game/tie-breaker for seeding. If this third game is anything like the first two between the two teams, it will be another night full of cheers from the bench and the bleachers!

Here are some scenes from Friday night’s game:

It was Senior Night for the Lady Bison, with senior and parent recognition for all five senior girls.

Sophomore Melanie McGill wishes teammate Asia Bradley luck before the game.

The bench goes wild after a three-pointer by senior Jordan Jenkins.

Senior Jordan Jenkins moves quick to keep the ball away from the Teague Lions.

Freshman Samantha Pate dodges a Teague player and heads toward the basket.

Freshman Mollie Dittmar gets ready to shoot a free throw.

Sophomore Asia Bradley takes aim at the basket.

Senior Hannah Eakin shoots a free throw.

The girls celebrate on the court after their victory.

Despite a tough game, players and coaches from both teams come together mid-court for a prayer after the game.