Senior Walk goes on despite the rain



Senior Julissa Lechuga and her family try to stay dry during Senior Walk.

Kaylen Sanchez, Reporter

Rain wasn’t the only thing falling in a stream of drops last Friday night as the community gathered to watch the seniors walk on the football field for the last time. Parents and grandparents held back tears as they held up umbrellas and completed the decades-long tradition of senior walk at the last home football game of the season despite the weather. 

It was emotional for the seniors as well.

“After playing on that field for six years, it was sad walking on it for the last time,” senior Hayden Ducat said. “It’s sad knowing it is all coming to an end.”

The seniors enjoyed making the trek with their classmates.

“Walking was very bittersweet,” senior Lindsey Hardin said. “It was nice to have one last time to be with my classmates. It was amazing for our last game but it was sad that it was over.” 

Part of the fun is hearing what seniors plan to do after high school, which is announced along with student activities.

“Getting to hear where all my classmates were going was fun,” Hardin said. “I enjoyed getting to see what they would be doing with their lives.”