Theatre department starts rehearsals for fall production

Clue will take the stage in November



Actors take the stage to practice scenes at a Sunday afternoon rehearsal.

Lindsey Hardin, Editorial Team

The theater department’s fall production of Clue has started rehearsals. The cast and crew have been hard at work learning lines and working on set.

The show is based on the popular board game Clue and will follow the six characters and multiple additional characters as a series of murders occur in Boddy Manor. The characters must solve the mystery in a timely fashion while also attempting to survive the night. Clue will be showing in November.

“It is going to be lit,” sophomore Maylene Cacereas said. “We have a lot of work to do, and we are progressing every day.”

The first out-of-school practice was held earlier last month, and despite some setbacks, the students were able to make progress on both the set and scenes. The crew began to design and build picture and door frames for the set while the cast began to memorize their scripts.

“We’re painting books, platforms, and frames,” sophomore Gracie Taylor said. “I can’t wait to see how the set turns out.”

Scenes three through five were practiced last Sunday, while set building was at work. The main rooms from the board game are taking shape, with changes taking place at each rehearsal, in school and out.

“I really enjoyed being able to see other people practice,” sophomore Ashtyn Barzda said. “It really helped me to see the play coming together. I was really thrilled when I found out that we would be doing Clue this fall.”

Though there’s much more to go before the production will be ready and showing, the progress that has been made so far ensures this production is one theatre fans will not want to miss.