The bee’s knees

Sophomore students start a trend

Lindsey Hardin, Editorial Team

A new fad has swept the halls! Swarms of tiny wooden bees have been showing up all around the school. From walls to ceilings, to clocks and light switches: wherever students and teachers look, they are likely to see one of these cute little creatures.

The trend started back at the beginning of the school year with a few bees showing up across the halls. Now, three weeks later, nearly every student knows of the infamous bees and it may just be impossible to find a classroom without seeing them scattered around.

“I like trying to spot the stickers in my classrooms,” sophomore Guadalupe Gonzalez said. “It’s almost like Where’s Waldo.”

Many people around the school can be seen with bees adorning their outfits, phones, faces, and more.

“It’s entertaining the crowd,” senior Pari Jariwala said. “I’ve seen both teachers and students having fun with them.”

The trend was supposedly started by the sophomores, who called their class “the bee’s knees” but soon spread to everyone and everywhere.

“I’ve seen so many bees over the past week,” senior Alex Heinrich said. “It’s well over 100 by now.”

With all this buzz around the bees, they’ve become their own infamous symbol to the student body. Senior Lane Freeman said he’s “attached” to them.

“I don’t know what I’d do without them,” Freeman said. “They’re like a second family to me.”

While most students are excited about them, at least one is not happy about the trend.

“They are despicable,” junior D’Andre Reyna said. “Annoying, insufferable and diabolical little creatures and to make stickers of them is absolutely putrid.”

For most, though, they represent a little fun and brightness to bring a smile.

“I run across them in the library and keep the ones that turn up on the front of my desk,” librarian Melonie Menefee said. “I love the students are having fun with it. That makes me smile.”