The Summer I Turned Pretty book is as good as the movie


Kaylen Sanchez, Reporter

You may have heard of one of the most popular shows of the summer, The Summer I Turned Pretty, but have you read the book? If not, never fear – it isn’t too late. The book isn’t perfect but is definitely a great read. Jenny Han is the author of The Summer I Turned Pretty, which revolves around a teenage girl, nicknamed Belly, and her eventful summer in Cousins Beach. What makes it so eventful? Belly is full of newfound confidence and beauty. She has been to Cousins Beach every summer since before she was born, and she has had her eye on one of the Fisher brothers since she was twelve. And this summer, things were about to change because this summer was different. She was different.

The Summer I Turned Pretty was a good read as a whole but there were some parts that were difficult to push through. One negative was the cliché parts of the plot at the beginning that felt way too predictable. A lack of detail in some spots made things hard to understand, and some areas of the book felt rushed.

Another thing that made it difficult to read was the fact that Belly is not a very likable protagonist. Still, she reflects the average teenager in a lot of ways, so she is relatable, just not always likable. And like Jenny Han said, “It’s the imperfections that make things beautiful.” After all, it was the summer Belly turned pretty.

The storyline overall was well-paced and had a past-present pattern that foreshadowed major points in the story. When Belly went back into the past and explained why she felt the way she did about Conrad, it helps the reader understand why she held on so tightly to her feelings about him and makes her more relatable as a character. Her diving back into her past and using it as a reference to her future really enhances the emotions and sympathy the reader feels for her and all the characters.

The Summer I Turned Pretty is definitely a recommended read for anyone who loves a good love triangle. After pushing through a few rough patches in the novel, the reader will really grow to love the characters and the plot. And if you love it, guess what? There is an entire series. Growing up with Belly is an experience that is unique and fun, and as Belly herself says, “It’s hard to throw away history. It was like you were throwing away a part of yourself.” And she was amazing at making sure she never did.