Powerlifting team competes at Elkhart



Junior Christian Martinez gets ready to lift at the Elkhart competition.

Kayla Padron, Reporter

After weeks of intense training and preparation, the powerlifting team competed in their first meet last Saturday at Elkhart. Some of the athletes were trying the sport for the first time.

Junior Christian Martinez was one of those lifting for the first time, placing fifth out of six with a total weight of 985 lifted.

Senior Eddie Aguilar catches his breath after a lift. (stone)

“I have been working out on my compound lifts usually attributed with powerlifting such as bench squat and deadlift,” Martinez said. “I’m hoping to improve on my leg-related lifts like squats and deadlift.”

Freshman Maylene Caceres is also a first-time competitor. She said she has goals to keep improving and being able to lift more.

“I prepared by lifting weights and working out a lot,” Caceres said. “I’m trying to improve by going heavier on the weights.”

Senior Eddie Aguilar placed fourth out of 14 with a total of 890.

“I’ve been training for strength and bulking to gain mass and muscle,” Aguilar said. “I’m hoping to improve my bench and squat.”

Senior Abel Salazar placed second out of 10 with 480 on squat, 260 on bench

and 425 on deadlift, totaling 1,165.

“I felt pretty good about the meet,” Salazar said. “I did my best and that’s all that matters.”