Art students attempt watercolors


Kayla Padron, Reporter

After students were introduced to watercolor techniques, abstract art and the artist Wassily Kandinsky, they tackled their own water color projects. Water coloring is a project that teacher Amanda Harter does with her students every year.

“We displayed the paintings that used the best watercolor techniques,” Harter said “We wanted the projects that allowed their circles to retain their shape and color.”

Many students struggled to make the perfect watercolor, making sure it wouldn’t bleed through the paper and making it look neat.

“It was a little hard,” freshman Cristo Martinez said. “I was scared that I would add too much water. I really didn’t want to start over.”

Students who had done water color paintings before had an easier time.

“For me it was pretty easy because I’ve done it before,” Alyia Ingram said. “I knew that there was a certain way to do it in order for the colors to show up properly.”

While the assignment provided a challenge, students enjoyed the work.

“What I like most about the assignment is that even students that struggle in art are usually able to make pretty concentric circles,” Harter said. “Success with this gives them more confidence for future projects.”