Student Spotlight: Riley Ayres



Senior Riley Ayres shows off his dance moves at the senior pep rally.

Emma Adams, Co-Editor

Senior Riley Ayres is a talented 18-year-old with big goals in life. He is constantly joking and loves making others laugh.

There is a serious side, too, though. That serious side is the FFA president.

“FFA is such an amazing organization that I’ve been in since I was a freshman,” Ayres said. “And I’m so glad I did. Four years ago if someone told me that I would be the FFA president and doing everything I am now I would have thought you were crazy.”

Along with being involved in FFA, Riley also plays basketball and baseball.

“Sports are something I do inside and outside of school,” Riley said. “I have played since I was a kid and have always had a passion for it.”

FCCLA and NHS are other clubs Riley puts his time and effort into in his his busy schedule.

“It was a big accomplishment of mine to be accepted into the National Honor Society and be held to higher standards,” Riley said. “And FCCLA has been something I enjoyed since freshman year.”

Riley and his team advanced to the top two in Regional and to state all four years, falling short of nationals by one spot.

“I have been on a team with Riley since our freshman year and we always work well together,” senior Logan Skelton said. “Me and Riley have been best friends since we were kids.”

Not only is Riley heavily involved in school activities but he also has a passion for music and loves playing instruments.

“I can play pretty much any instrument you can think of,” Riley said. “Whether it be guitar, wind instruments, really whatever.”

Music has been a part of Riley’s life since he was a kid. And with music comes an outgoing personality, and with Riley he loves to pump up a crowd and get involved in the student sections at games.

“Music is my passion and always has been,” Riley said. “It makes me happy, along with making people laugh and leading the student sections at games and being able to cheer on my friends – it’s all so fun.”