Student Spotlight: Lindsey Hardin



Junior Lindsey Hardin played Scar in this month’s production of The Lion King. According to Lindsey, theatre is her favorite activity.

Cylen Brown, Reporter

Junior Lindsey Hardin makes it a point to strive for greatness. Balancing UIL, Art, Theatre, NHS and Student Council while staying ranked at the top of her class isn’t easy, but she pulls it off with a smile and a laugh that makes it all seem effortless.

Of it all, being a part of theatre is her favorite activity, mostly because of the people involved.

“I love theatre,” she said. “Everyone in that class is fun to talk to, and I really enjoy being around them.”

Lindsey recently played Scar in the school’s production of The Lion King.

“I had so much fun as Scar,” she said. “I don’t think I’ll ever get another role that will be that much fun.”

This was Lindsey’s second year in a row playing a villain. In her sophomore year she played the antagonist for the UIL OAP, House Full of Letters.

“I think my all-time favorite school memory is from OAP last year,” Lindsey said. “We got to go to Houston for regionals. It was a great experience.”

It’s been three years since Lindsey started high school, and she says she’s changed a lot since junior high by having a positive attitude.

“I actually talk to people now and I really enjoy doing so,” she said. “I have a much more positive outlook on school and social situations compared to middle school, and that has made me a happier person overall.”

Junior Millie Lane has been friends with Lindsey since the two were in Pre-K together.

“Lindsey’s a great person and an even better friend,” Lane said. “She’s a really creative and outgoing person who can always brighten your day.”