Brigade students celebrate Halloween together



Band students dance together between games at the annual Halloween party.

Kayla Padron, Reporter

As the month of October came to an end, the Bison Brigade decide to throw their second annual Halloween party.

“This was our second annual Band Halloween Party. It was such a huge success for recruiting, we decided to keep doing it,” director Jeff Villarreal said “We had a parent meeting at the beginning of the year and decided to start planning in August. On the day of, we came in at 1:00 pm, and started preparing lights and music and decorations for the nightly activities.”

There were plenty of activities for everyone who came.

“We had karaoke, and food, and dancing, and games throughout the night,” Villarreal said. “We also had door prizes and prizes for contests. We even had a ‘mummy wrapping’ contest.”

The band started the tradition of having a Halloween party last fall when COVID was limiting much of what the group could do.

“Since COVID, there haven’t been enough opportunities for students to get out and enjoy each other,” Villarreal said. “We wanted them to have one more opportunity to be with their friends.”

The costume contest was everyone’s favorite activity.

“I decided to dress up as an inflatable among us character,” senior Omar Almeida said. “I thought it was funny, but turns out I actually won a fifty-dollar gift card.”

The students ate tons, but burned off the calories dancing for much of the night.

“There was plenty of food and drinks and homemade desserts, even for the 60 students that came for the night,” Villarreal said. “The night was a success.”