Adele’s November concert previews successful new album


courtesy of the ringer

April Martinez, Co-Editor

A performance of a lifetime altered the singer’s career for the better. Adele’s concert special was featured on CBS on Nov. 14, featuring songs from her newest album, 30, including “I Drink Wine,” “Hold On” and “Love is a Game.” The album was later released on Nov. 19.

 “Easy On Me” was the first song released, hitting the airwaves in mid-October. Although it gained success, fans weren’t super impressed. After five years without a new single, her audience, including me, was expecting an emotional rollercoaster ride. But little did we know that Adele had much more in mind.

This album contains some of her best work; my favorite song in 30 is “My Little Love.” The soothing instruments bring an emotional, but powerful, sensation. She changed her style completely with songs “Oh My God,” “Can I Get It,” “All Night Parking” and “Cry Your Heart Out.” They each give a jazzy, Amy Winehouse feel to it, unlike anything we’ve heard previously from the British singer.

Overall, this album does not contain any bad songs. Although Adele has always had success with her previous albums, 30 is bound to be the most accomplished creation. She never fails her fans with the music that she releases, and 30 has been her best work thus far.