Reading class tackles Call of the Wild



Sophomore Tiler Jameson and freshman Johnny Clements play a round of Call of the Wild after finishing their board game. The students finished the novel this week.

Tristan Cole, Reporter

Reading teacher Melonie Menefee and her students have spent the semester so far exploring Call of the Wild by Jack London. The book is about a dog who is stolen from his family and home and has to learn how to survive in the harsh and often unfair society of the gold rush.

The class has already built a board game over the book and is currently working on a comic book.

“We have been working so hard on our board game and I think it looks really good and can’t wait to play it,” freshman Belky Cruz said. “Mrs. Menefee is such a good teacher and was really helpful when we were building our board game.”

Reading students Kaylee Trumbull and Dre’a Lott work on creating their Call of the Wild game board. The students are now creating a comic strip summarizing the novel.

The comic strips are being used to help students summarize the story.

“I am not very creative but I still really enjoy doing this stuff, and making your own comic book is super fun,” freshman Cayden Foster said. “Mrs. Menefee is really good with working with us and teaching us what to do.”

The class really likes the novel and is looking forward to finishing it and watching the movie.

“I didn’t really enjoy reading until this year when Mrs. Menefee made us read Call of The Wild,” freshman Connor McNeil said. “It is a great book with a great message, and I’m so glad Mrs. Menefee chose this book to read.”