Working for a living

Brigade mans concession stand for football games



Sophomore Emma Cocking fills popcorn bags while working the concession stand during a JV football game.

Kayla Padron, Reporter

The Bison Brigade has been satisfying appetites at football games for years. The concession stand is run by band members, parents an, whenever needed, the band director.

“I typically help in the concession stand in some capacity,” band director Jeff Villarreal said. “If we are low on volunteers, I drift in and out to assist with orders or cooking.”

Between finding volunteers and providing everyone’s favorite foods, there is a lot to manage. Although it can get stressful, Villarreal says he has “gotten down a system” in order for everything to run smoothly.

Freshman Hunter Fulmer fixes nachos for a concession stand customer. (msm)

“We always want to be able to provide what people want, which are the usual favorites,” Villarreal said. “Getting parents to volunteer can be quite stressful, but that is simply because of the “unknown.” Coming to work, after already working their own job, with people they don’t know, makes it stressful for them to make that commitment.”

The band also works Thursday football games, with mostly band members working on those nights since they don’t have a halftime show to perform. It takes around six students to cook, set up and man the service windows. Between tasks, they socialize, singing and telling jokes.

“I’ve been volunteering since seventh grade,” sophomore Emma Cocking said. “I love helping out and spending time with the band.”

Profits made in the concession stand are used to feed the band on away games. Villarreal is also saving up for a Halloween Party for all band members.

“I’m really excited to have everyone to spend time together and have a good time,” Drum Major Omar Almeida said. “We might even have a costume contest.”

For the Homecoming game, the band reached record-breaking profits.

“We made more than I have seen this concession stand made in the 10 years I have been here,” Villarreal said. “I give credit to the fantastic crew of parents I have this year, and students that have stepped up to help as well.”