Homecoming bonfire returns after a year off due to COVID



The bonfire burned brightly after the seniors lit the diesel poured around the outside row of pallets.

Emma Adams, Co-Editor

Wednesday morning of homecoming week saw the seniors in a flurry of activity to paint pallets and build the bonfire for that night. After missing a year of the event because of COVID, students were ready to get back to normal with the annual event.

Senior moms provided lunch and drinks for the students and the teachers helping them.

Bison Belle Pari Jariwala shows off her moves during the Belle performance. (msm)

“I was one of the ones that stayed all day to help build the bonfire,” senior Alexis Esparza said. “Some of the girls helped make our guy pallets so we could build.”

There were loads of pallets coming in all day to join the collection that had been delivered earlier in the week.

“We had about 20 trailer loads or more of pallets that we unloaded and stacked up,” senior Riley Ayres said. “It took all day to build, but in the end it looked like one of the biggest bonfires that I could remember going to.”

After all the seniors left to go get ready for the community pep rally and bonfire lighting, food trucks started to arrive to get ready to feed the crowd.

“There was anything from BBQ to tacos to snow cones to Frito pie there that night,” senior Avery Hardin said. “There were so many great choices I didn’t know what to pick from.”

The cheerleaders, Belles and Brigade all performed for the crowd.

Senior Thomas Grissett helps light the bonfire as the crowd watches.

“Performing in such a small space with so many people watching was kind of scary,” junior Alaina O’Daniel said. “But our dance was one of my favorites, and I’m so glad everyone enjoyed it.”

The homecoming court was introduced at the pep rally as well.

“I was so excited to be able to represent our class this year,” freshman Madison Gillam said. “Homecoming is such a big deal in high school and I’m so happy I get to be a part of the court.”

Seniors lit the bonfire after the VFD sprayed flame retardant around the perimeter of the stack.

“After the bonfire was lit everyone dispersed into their friend groups and enjoyed the food trucks and rest of the night,” senior Jorge Castro said. “It was a blast and definitely the best way to start our senior year.”