Drake’s new album doesn’t live up to his rep


courtesy of the ringer

Kayla Padron, Reporter

Fans have been anxious about Drake’s new album Certified Lover Boy, and it finally dropped last Friday. Despite the anticipation, reviews are mixed, with some saying it wasn’t what they really expected while others fell in love with it.

Overall, though, the album is a hit, and Drake’s song “Fair Trade” is number two on Apple music charts. Fans went crazy over this song; it talks about people being in his business all the time and how he loses friends, but as a result he finds peace. Anyone who has ever had to deal with similar issues can relate, and that connection has skyrocketed the song to the top of the charts.

Overall, most of his songs are really good, I did expect a bit more out of this album, but either way, he did put out some really good songs, and it’s Drake, so it’s worth the listen.