New movie fails to live up to expectations

courtesy of wikipedia

courtesy of wikipedia

Cylen Brown, Reporter

July 2021 saw the release of M. Night Shyamalan’s new film, Old. This movie takes place on a beach in which time passes quicker than normal. A great idea in theory, yet horrible in execution.

The idea of time passing quicker when in one location is an amazing concept, but the actual film pales in comparison due to lackluster acting and underwhelming plot choices. The film seems unfinished, a work in progress, not a fully realized movie; The plot was not completely fleshed out and the characters were uninteresting.

Not to mention, the entire plot of the film was given away ahead of time through posters and trailers. Watching the characters stumble in the dark for almost two entire hours is painfully infuriating and exhausting.

This film fails to live up to Shyamalan’s reputation and audience expectations. Overall, Old is a painfully average, cinematic disaster that is not worth the time or money of the public.