Student council starts recycling project



Student council members cover recycled boxes with scrapbook paper so that teachers can have decorated boxes to collect paper in for recycling.

Sherlynn Rodriguez, Co-Editor

As a way to help the environment, the student council decided it was time to start recycling paper. They decorated empty paper boxes for teacher classrooms and are hoping to reduce the amount of paper waste at school.

“This was such a good idea for this year,” junior Annabelle Greene said. “A lot of paper is always thrown away, so I know this would help the environment for us to recycle instead.”

The officers picked this project for their first of the year.

Freshman Julyan Woods does a little artwork to decorate a recycling box with. The students worked on boxes for several days. (msm)

“Every day paper is wasted,” president Omar Almeida said. “Nobody wastes on purpose, but a lot gets thrown away. That’s why we decided to start this project. It is a good way to help our environment and a good way to not be wasteful.”

Students met in the library during Bison Pride and after school to decorate the boxes using recycled scrapbooking paper.

“It was really fun being able to decorate these boxes,” senior Madison Walker said. “It’s for a good cause, so I made sure my box looked nice and cute.”

Once teachers have collected enough paper in their boxes, the student council will take all the paper to a place where it will be recycled.

“I really hope that teachers and students will begin to recycle paper,” Adams said. “It’s going to show people that our environment is important and that we need to start doing something to protect it.”