Henson signs with college rodeo team


Kaline Martinez

Senior Josie Henson signed with the SHSU Rodeo Team.

Emma Adams, Reporter

Blue and orange dominated the color scheme as senior Josie Henson signed her letter of intent to be a part of the 2020-2021 SHSU Rodeo Team last week. She will be continuing her life in rodeo as she moves into her freshman year of college.

“I have been doing rodeo since before I could even walk,” Henson said. “It has been a part of my family forever, and I can’t wait to continue this passion of mine in college.”

Henson is graduating a year early to get a head start on her career. She is ranked third in her class at the moment and hopes to be even higher at the end of year.

“Every time me and my horse are outside that gate waiting for the buzzer, my heart beats so fast and the adrenaline begins to flow through my whole body,” Henson said. “At my last competition at HLSR I got the fastest time of the day and got the reserved champion.”

Josie plans to become a chiropractor and do rodeo alongside that.

“I have always had a love and passion for horses and rodeo, but that’s not everything I want to do,” Henson said. “I love people, too, and I find chiropractors the coolest thing. It’s an easy, low-stress job but still makes good money with flexible hours.”

While she learns, though, she is glad to be able to keep competing. Henson has participated in barrel racing ever since she was young, and she has won money and belt buckles throughout her years of rodeo.

“The first belt buckle I won was when I was in seventh grade, and I can remember the smile and excitement I had after they had called my name,” Henson said. “I knew from that moment I wanted to keep competing.”