Ag Mech team brings home two ribbons


The Ag Mech team made it to the backdrop, one of their major goals with their trailer builds this year. They will compete next at the Leon County Livestock Show next month.

Iris Valles, Assistant Editor

The FFA Ag Mech team traveled to Houston to compete at the Houston Livestock Rodeo. The team took two trailers and received blue ribbons in both. The trailers had different classes and tons of competition.

“We worked long and hard on these projects and we were so excited and proud of our results,” senior Sydney Lebel said. “I can’t wait for the county show, and hopefully we come out on top.” 

The team hit the backdrop at the competition twice. With all the competition in Houston it was a big achievement for the teams. 

“We all felt so accomplished because of how well we did,” senior Bj Latham said. “All the hard work paid off, and I couldn’t be prouder of us.” 

Both trailers placed fourth in their class. The team was excited about how excited everyone at home was for them.

“We’ve had a few donations and we appreciate every single one of them,” junior Abel Salazar said. “Having so many people support us makes us want to win even more. Thank you to everyone who helped and donated to us.”

All the members worked together to build the trailers as well as to show it.

“These guys and gal worked hard like very hard. I’ve never seen so much commitment and effort until I met these guys,” ag teacher Eloy Perez said. “The dedication is inspiring. It was well deserved.”