New Disney+ release is a hit

Emma Adams, Reporter

On December 25, Disney+ added a new show called Soul. Jamie Foxx voices the lead role of Joe Gardener, who goes through life as a jazz musician until one day he falls into an open manhole and ends up comatose in the hospital. When he finds himself in the Great Beyond and moving toward the light, he flees and finds himself in the Great Before. This movie is a comedy for sure, but also one you might want to grab the tissues for.

Joe is motivated by a desire to get back to earth somehow and play the amazing gig he’d nabbed just before falling into the manhole, so he takes on the identity of an acclaimed Swedish psychologist and tries to help someone who has already rejected mentorship from Carl Jung and Abraham Lincoln.

I recommend this movie because it tells it how it is and doesn’t beat around the bush. This movie shows the hardships of life but also the simple joys it brings. It has a great script and actors as well as an amazing soundtrack.