SZA releases new single

April Martinez, Reporter

Good day in my mind, safe to take a step out. Get some air now, let your edge out.

 SZA shocked her fans with her newest song “Good Days.” Her poetic ballad brings joy and comfort in these dark times as well as gives a reminder to see the good in everything.

The R&B singer hasn’t released an album since CTRL in 2017, but she has produced a recent single – “Hit Different” – back in September. CTRL contained many popular songs and we know her newest album will be just as successful.

SZA brings a beautiful guitar beat and an amazing melancholic ballad similar to her past songs, and she also showcases her gorgeous vocals, which never seem to disappoint. The overall vibes she crafts are unlike any artist and make her one of the best singers of our generation.

I have yet to hear a bad song from SZA. She never fails her fans with her amazing voice and soothing melodies. My only complaint is that she hasn’t released an album in more than three years, and we need one now.