Spotlight: Thomas Grissett


Iris Valles

Growing up on the sports field is all that junior Thomas Grissett really remembers. With a dad who coaches and siblings who play, his life is filled with baseball, basketball and football. When the family isn’t on the field together, they are on the lake together, sharing their passion for fishing.

“I’ve played all those sports since I was four years old and fished since I could hold a pole,” Grissett said. “I just have such a passion for it all.”

Grissett also is a part of FFA and NHS and works at Davis Country Store; that doesn’t leave much time to spare, but Thomas doesn’t mind being busy.

“I like keeping myself busy because it’s so boring doing nothing after school,” Grissett said. “I mainly like to hang out with friends because they are just the best people to be around, and something exciting is always happening.”

Grissett seems to always have a smile on his face and his arms wide open for hugs according to his close friends. Even COVID can’t stop him.

“Thomas is always hugging everyone with a big smile,” junior Avery Hardin said. “He never fails to put a smile on people’s faces.”

Thomas said he set new goals for himself at the start of the school year. He chose to work on being organized and improving his sports skills.

“I am the most unorganized person, and it makes things more complicated for me especially since this year is junior year, the hardest year of high school,” Grissett said. “I chose to improve my skills in sports because I want to help my team out more than last year. I have set goals for me to meet in all my sports.”

After high school, Grissett wants to attend Texas A&M University and get his Bachelor’s Degree in land and science. After college, he wants to be a land inspector.

“They have the best Ag facilities in the U.S. and it is also close to home,” Grissett said. “And after that, I really want to become a land inspector. It just interested me when I heard about it. I think it is something I can be really good at and spend my life doing.”