True story of rodeo rider is inspirational


Sherlynn Rodriguez

After barely surviving a horrific automobile accident, nationally ranked amateur barrel racer Amberly Synder became paralyzed from the waist down and is told that she will never walk again. However, this doesn’t stop Amberley from setting up goals to walk, ride and rodeo once again.

Walk. Ride. Rodeo. is an inspirational tale based on a true story. The film shows Amberly’s recovery, both emotionally and physically, as well as her journey back to doing the sport she loved the most. It gives an encouraging message to those who feel like giving up. It also shows that one can set up goals and accomplish them in the end, no matter how hard it has to be.

This movie is a great movie to watch with either your family or friends. It gives watchers hope and encouragement for their goals and it leaves people to think that anything is possible. It’s available on Netflix.